Westley Austin launches new unisex clothing label

The designer’s namesake label launched with a 15-piece collection for fall/winter 2017, all of which is made in Downtown Los Angeles.

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For his first collection, Westley Austin took inspiration from a small pin which read, “I Was Born to Raise Hell.” The 31-year-old designer chose to launch a playful collection made up of unisex pieces with bold prints.
Austin’s first line includes mid-rise jeans, button-up blouses, t-shirts and jackets. Austin sourced materials from around the world, including silk and suede from Italy, hardware from Switzerland and linen from Japan. Despite the international sourcing of his materials, Austin requires that all of his pieces be manufactured within walking distance of his loft in Downtown Los Angeles.
Austin worked with larger brands before launching his namesake line, and wanted his new brand to have more freedom of expression. On October 12, the brand made its debut at Los Angeles’ Shop Super Street on La Brea Avenue. The launch party also allowed guests to mingle with the designer himself.
The brand is available at Shop Super Street’s store and online shop. Prices for the Westley Austin collection range from $495 for the Silk Badge Top to $2,150 for the Suede Flame Jacket. The brand’s Satin Blouson Pin Jacket, which is decorated with “I was born to raise Hell” pins, is already sold out online.  

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