University of Science and Technology of China

English Name: University of Science and Technology of China
Region: Eastern Asia
Country: China
Found Year: 1958
Address: No.96, JinZhai Road Baohe District

The University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), founded in Beijing in 1958, is affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The Chinese Academy of Sciences has supported USTC by “Pooling efforts of CAS for university development and integrating its institutes with the University’s corresponding departments”. From the beginning, USTC was established with the aim of developing high-level personnel in science and technology with broad-based scientific knowledge.


Beginning in 1970, USTC was moved to Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province. Since 1978, USTC has enjoyed the nation’s top priority in construction projects, and launched a series of reform initiatives. USTC has persisted in the mission of “Build a Global University and Educate the Brilliant of the World”. Additionally, the core value is “Commit to Quality, Strive for Excellence, and Serve the Country through Innovation and Excellence”.


In a Congratulatory Letter sent to USTC commemorating the 50th Anniversary Celebration in September 2008, President Hu Jintao expressed the hope that USTC would continue to carry out reforms in teaching and scientific research, building the university into a world-class research and educational institution for educating more and better innovative talents. 

Total Enrollment:16818
           International Students:29(%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:8101
           International Students:15(%)
Graduate Enrollment:8717
           International Students:14(%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Applied Physics
           Applied Physics
           Atmospheric Sciences
           Communication Engineering
           Computer Science and Technology
           Control Technology and Instrument
           Electronic and Information Engineering
           Electronic Information Science and Technology
           Energy and Power Engineering
           Environmental Science
           Information and Computing Science
           Information Management and Information System
           Information Security
           Management Science
           Materials Chemistry
           Materials Physics
           Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
           Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation
           Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Technology
           Optical Information Science and Technology
           Polymer Materials and Engineering
           Safety Engineering
           Software Engineering
           Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
Graduate Programs
           Access To Information and Control
           Access To Information and Control
           Analytical Chemistry
           Applied Chemistry
           Applied Computer Technology
           Applied Mathematics
           Archaeology and Museology
           Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Environment
           Atomic and Molecular Physics
           Atomic and Molecular Physics
           Basic Mathematics
           Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
           Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
           Biological Engineering (Professional Degree)
           Biological Engineering Mechanics
           Biological Materials
           Biomedical Engineering
           Business Administration
           Cell Biology
           Cell Biology
           Chemical Engineering (Professional Degree)
           Chinese Philosophy
           Circuits and Systems
           Civil and Commercial Law
           Communication and Information Systems
           Computational Mathematics
           Computer Software and Theory
           Computer System Architecture
           Computer Technology (Professional Degree)
           Condensed Matter Physics
           Condensed Matter Physics
           Control Engineering (Professional Degree)
           Control Theory and Control Engineering
           Detection Technology and Automation Devices
           Detection Technology and Automation Devices
           Economic Law
           Educational Technology
           Electronics and Communication Engineering
           Engineering Mechanics
           Engineering Safety and Protection Technology
           Engineering Thermal Physics
           Environmental Engineering
           Environmental Science
           Field and Microwave Technology
           Financial Engineering
           Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
           Heritage Museum (Professional Degree)
           History of  Science and Technology
           Information Security
           Information Security
           Inorganic Chemistry
           Inorganic Chemistry
           Inorganic Chemistry
           Instrumentation Engineering (Professional Degree)
           International Relations
           Journalism and Communication (Professional Degree)
           Logistics Engineering (Professional Degree)
           Management Science and Engineering
           Master of  Applied Statistics (Professional Degree)
           Master of  Business Administration (Degree)
           Master of  Finance (Professional Degree)
           Master of  Laws (Law)
           Master of  Laws (Non-Laws)
           Master of  Public Administration (Degree)
           Materials Physics and Chemistry
           Materials Physics and Chemistry
           Materials Physics and Chemistry
           Materials Processing Engineering
           Materials Science
           Mathematical Physics
           Measurement Techniques and Instrumentation
           Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
           Mechanical Engineering (Degree)
           Mechanics of  Materials and Design
           Media Management
           Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics
           Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics
           Microsystem Mechanics
           Navigation, Guidance and Control
           Network Communication System and Control
           Nuclear Energy and Technology Projects (Professional Degree)
           Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials
           Nuclear Science and Engineering
           Nuclear Technology and Applications
           Operational Research and Cybernetics
           Organic Chemistry
           Organic Chemistry
           Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics
           Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems
           Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems
           Philosophy of  Science and Technology
           Physical Chemistry
           Physical Chemistry
           Physical Chemistry (Including Chemical Physics)
           Physical Electronics
           Plasma Physics
           Polymer Chemistry and Physics
           Polymer Chemistry and Principles
           Power Engineering (Professional Degree)
           Precision Instrument and Machinery
           Precision Instrument and Machinery
           Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
           Project Management (Professional Degree)
           Quantum Information Physics
           Radiation Protection and Environmental Protection
           Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering
           Renewable and Clean Energy
           Safety Technology and Engineering
           Signal and Information Processing
           Single-Molecule Science
           Software Engineering
           Solid Earth Geophysics
           Solid Mechanics
           Space Physics
           Structural Biology
           Structural Biology
           Synchrotron Radiation and Application
           Systems Engineering
           The Basic Principles of  Marxism
           The English Translators Master (Professional Degree)
           The Ic Engineering (Professional Degree)
           Theoretical Physics
           Thermal Power Engineering




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