University of Miami

English Name: University of Miami
Region: Northern America
Country: USA
Found Year: 1925
Address: University of Miami, PO Box 248105, 1540 Corniche Ave, Coral Gables, Florida 33146-4020, United States of America

Total Enrollment:14391
           International Students:1390(10%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:9664
           International Students:764(8%)
Graduate Enrollment:4927
           International Students:626(13%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Aerospace Engineering 
           African Studies
           American Studies 
           Architectural Engineering 
           Athletic Training 
           Biomedical Engineering 
           Broadcast Journalism 
           Civil Engineering 
           Commercial Music & Production
           Communication Studies 
           Computer Engineering
           Computer Information Systems 
           Computer Science 
           Creative Writing 
           Ecosystem Science and Policy 
           Electrical Engineering
           Electronic Media
           Elementary Education
           Engineering Science
           Environmental Engineering
           Exercise Physiology 
           Geography and Regional Studies
           Geological Sciences
           Graphic Design/Multimedia 
           Health Science (Bachelor Of Science)
           Health Sector Policy and Management 
           Human and Social Development
           Human Resource Management 
           Industrial Engineering 
           International Finance & Marketing 
           International Studies 
           Judaic Studies
           Latin American Studies 
           Legal Studies
           Management Science 
           Marine Affairs
           Marine Science/Biology 
           Marine Science/Chemistry 
           Marine Science/Computer Science 
           Marine Science/Geology 
           Marine Science/Physics 
           Mechanical Engineering 
           Media Management
           Motion Pictures 
           Music Business &Entertainment Industries 
           Music Education/Jazz Emphasis 
           Music Education 
           Music Engineering Technology 
           Music Therapy 
           Nursing – B.S.N
           Performance: Instrumental, Keyboard Or Vocal  
           Photography/Digital Imaging
           Political Science
           Public Relations
           Real Estate
           Religious Studies
           Secondary Education
           Sport Administration
           Studio Music and Jazz: Instrumental Or Vocal
           Theatre Arts B.A.
           Visual Journalism
           Women’S and Gender Studies
Graduate Programs
           Acute Care/Adult Nurse Practitioner
           Advanced Professional Studies:Cayman Islands 
           Advanced Professional Studies: Educational Social Change 
           Applied Marine Physics
           Architectural Engineering
           Architecture and Urban Design
           Arts Presenting
           Art History
           Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
           Biomedical Engineering
           Business Administration
           Cancer Biology
           Choral Conducting
           Civil Engineering
           Collaborative Piano
           Community and Social Change
           Computer Science
           Counseling: Counseling and Research,
           Counseling Psychology
           Creative Writing
           Doctor Of Nursing Practice – D.N.P.
           Electrical and Computer Engineering
           Electronic Music
           Environmental Health/Ergonomics and Safety
           Environmental Science and Policy
           Epidemiology and Public Health
           Executive MBA
           Exercise Physiology
           Family Nurse Practitioner (F.N.P.)
           Film Studies
           Geography and Regional Studies
           Graduate Program In Biomedical Sciences
           Higher Education Administration: Enrollment Management, Student Life and Development
           Higher Education Leadership 
           Human Genetics and Genomics
           Industrial Engineering
           Instrumental Conducting
           Instrumental Performance (Baritone Horn)
           Instrumental Performance (Basoon)
           Instrumental Performance (Clarinet)
           Instrumental Performance (Double Bass)
           Instrumental Performance (Flute)
           Instrumental Performance (French Horn)
           Instrumental Performance (Guitar, Classical)
           Instrumental Performance (Harp)
           Instrumental Performance (Oboe)
           Instrumental Performance (Percussion)
           Instrumental Performance (Saxophone)
           Instrumental Performance (Trombone)
           Instrumental Performance (Tuba)
           Instrumental Performance (Viola)
           Instrumental Performance (Violin)
           Instrumental Performance (Violoncello, Cello)
           International Administration
           International Studies
           Jazz Composition
           Jazz Pedagogy
           Jazz Performance Instrumental (Bass)
           Jazz Performance Instrumental (Guitar)
           Jazz Performance Instrumental (Percussion)
           Jazz Performance Instrumental (Piano)
           Jazz Performance Instrumental (Saxophone)
           Jazz Performance Instrumental (Trombone)
           Jazz Performance Instrumental (Trumpet)
           Jazz Performance Vocal
           Keyboard Performance and Pedagogy
           Latin American Studies
           Liberal Studies
           Management Of Technology
           Marine and Atmospheric Chemistry
           Marine Affairs and Policy
           Marine Biology and Fisheries
           Marine Geology and Geophysics
           Marriage and Family Therapy, Mental Health Counseling
           Mechanical Engineering
           Media Writing and Production
           Meteorology and Physical Oceanography
           Microbiology and Immunology
           Modern Languages and Literatures
           Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology
           Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology
           Motion Pictures
           Multimedia Journalism
           Multiple Woodwinds
           Music Business and Entertainment Industries
           Music Education
           Music Engineering Technology
           Music Theory
           Music Therapy
           Nurse Anesthesia
           Physical Therapy
           Physiology and Biophysics
           Piano Performance
           Political Science
           Print Journalism
           Public Relations
           Research, Measurement and Evaluation 
           Special Education: Early Childhood Special Education 
           Sports Medicine: Athletic Training 
           Sport Administration 
           String Pedagogy
           Studio Jazz Writing
           Teaching and Learning: Language and Literacy Learning In Multilingual Settings
           Teaching and Learning: Special Education
           Teaching and Learning: Stem Education 
           Television Broadcast Journalism
           Vocal Pedagogy
           Vocal Performance




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