The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

English Name: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Region: Eastern Asia
Country: China-hk
Found Year: 1937
Address: Hung Hom, Kowloon,

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has a proud and illustrious history dating back to 1937. Today, we are internationally known for our excellence in career orientated teaching, innovative research and unique programmes. With our motto, “To learn and to apply, for the benefit of mankind”, we strive for offering a wide range of quality academic programmes which nurture the much-needed professionals and leaders for our society as well as supporting our academics in conducting research that has impact and practical value for the betterment of Hong Kong, the nation and the world.


Our Mission is to nurture graduates who are critical thinkers, effective communicators, innovative problem solvers, lifelong learners and ethical leaders; to advance knowledge and the frontiers of technology to meet the changing needs of society; to support a University community in which all members can excel through education and scholarship.

Total Enrollment:18189
           International Students:4226(23%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:13567
           International Students:2235(16%)
Graduate Enrollment:4622
           International Students:1991(43%)

Undergraduate Programs
           A Bachelor of  Science Degree in Real Estate and Construction Measurement (Hons)
           Accountancy (Honours) Bachelor of  Business Administration
           Accounting and Finance (Honours) Bachelor of  Business Administration
           Bachelor of  Biomedical Engineering (Hons)
           Bachelor of  Chemical Technology (Honours)
           Bachelor of  Construction Engineering and Management (Hons)
           Bachelor of  Engineering (Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design
           Bachelor of  Property Management (Hons)
           Bachelor of  Science Degree (Honours) in Applied Biology with Biotechnology
           Bachelor of  Science Degree in Occupational Therapy (Honours)
           Broad Range of  Disciplines of  Hotel and Tourism Management
           Building Services Engineering, Beng (Hons)
           Business Administration and Engineering Double Degree
           Civil Engineering Beng (Hons)
           Clothing and Textile (Honours) Bachelor of  Arts Degree in Combination Courses
           Computing and Management Dual Degree
           Electrical Engineering Beng (Hons)
           Electronic and Information Engineering Beng (Hons)
           Engineering Physics (Hons)
           Enterprise Engineering with Management (Hons)
           Environment and Sustainable Development Studies (Hons)
           Financial Services (Honours) Bachelor of  Business Administration
           Food Technology and Food Safety (Honours) Bachelor of  Science Degree
           Global Supply Chain Management (Honours) Bachelor of  Business Administration
           Hotel Management (Hons)
           Industrial and Systems Engineering Beng (Hons)
           International Shipping and Logistics Management (Honours) Bachelor of  Business Administration
           Internet and Multimedia Technology (Honours) Bachelor of  Science Degree
           Investment Science (Hons)
           Language, Culture and Communication Broad Range of  Disciplines
           Logistics Engineering and Management (Hons)
           Management (Hons) Bachelor of  Business Administration
           Mapping and Geographic Information Science (Honours) Bachelor of  Science Degree
           Market (Hons) Bcom
           Mechanical Engineering Beng (Hons)
           Medical Laboratory Science (Hons)
           Mental Health Nursing (Hons)
           Nursing (Hons)
           Optometry (Hons)
           Physical Therapy (Honours) Bachelor of  Science Degree
           Product Engineering with Marketing Bachelor of  Engineering (Hons)
           Radiology (Hons)
           School of  Design (Honours) Bachelor of  Arts Degree in Combination Courses
           Social Policy and Administration (Hons)
           Social Work (Hons)
           Tourism Management (Hons)
           Transportation Systems Engineering Beng (Hons)
Graduate Programs
           A Master’s Degree in Chinese Language and Literature / Postgraduate Diploma
           A Master’s Degree in Corporate Finance
           A Master’s Degree in Design
           A Master’s Degree in English Language and Literature
           A Master’s Degree in English Language Teaching
           A Master’s Degree in Nursing
           A Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy
           A Master’s Degree in Social Work
           Automotive Engineering Design Master of  Science Degree
           Building Services Engineering, Master of  Engineering
           China Business Management Master of  Science Degree
           Chinese Culture Master of  Arts Degree
           Chinese Linguistics Master of  Arts Degree
           Civil Engineering and Master of  Science Degree
           Clothing and Textile Master of  Arts Degree
           Construction and Real Estate Master of  Science Degree / Postgraduate Diploma
           Construction Law and Dispute Resolution Master of  Science Degree / Postgraduate Diploma
           Corporate Governance Master’s Degree
           Doctor of  Business Administration
           Doctorate in Medical Science
           Doctorate in Social Work
           Doctorate of  Hotel and Tourism Management
           Education and A Master’s Degree in Child Psychology From
           Engineering Business Management Master of  Science Degree / Postgraduate Diploma Or Manufacturing Systems Engineering Msc / Postgraduate Diploma
           English Language Arts Master of  Arts Degree
           Fashion and Textile Design Master of  Arts Degree
           Fire and Safety Engineering Master of  Science Degree / Postgraduate Diploma
           Global Supply Chain Management Master of  Science Degree / Postgraduate Diploma
           Guidance and Counseling Master of  Arts Degree
           Health Information Technology Master of  Science Degree
           Information Technology Master of  Science Degree
           Integrated Engineering, A Master of  Science Degree In
           International Hotel Management Master of  Science Degree / Postgraduate Diploma
           International Shipping and Logistics Management Msc / Postgraduate Diploma
           International Tourism and Exhibition Management Msc / Postgraduate Diploma
           Management Master of  Science Degree (Human Resource Management)
           Management Master of  Science Degree (Operations Management)
           Management Master of  Science Degree (Public Sector Management)
           Mapping & Gis Master of  Science Degree / Postgraduate Diploma (Geographic Information)
           Mapping and Geographic Information Science Msc / Postgraduate Diploma (Measurement)
           Master of  Business Administration
           Master of  Occupational Therapy
           Master of  Professional Accounting / Postgraduate Diploma
           Master of  Science Degree in Accounting
           Master of  Science in Biomedical Engineering
           Master of  Science in Building Services Engineering
           Master of  Science in Electrical Engineering
           Master of  Science in Electronic and Information Engineering
           Master of  Science in Electronic Commerce
           Master of  Science in Environmental Management and Engineering
           Master of  Science in Facilities Management
           Master of  Science in Industrial Logistics Systems
           Master of  Science in Information Systems
           Master of  Science in International Shipping and Logistics Management
           Master of  Science in Knowledge Management
           Master of  Science in Manipulative Physiotherapy
           Master of  Science in Marketing Management
           Master of  Science in Mechanical Engineering
           Master of  Science in Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences
           Master of  Science in Quality Management
           Master of  Science in Software Technology
           Master of  Science in Sports Physiotherapy
           Master of  Science in Technology Management
           Master of  Teaching Chinese As A Foreign Language Literature
           Master of  Translation and Interpreting Literature
           Medical Laboratory Science and A Master of  Science Degree In
           Medical Nursing Master of  Science Degree (Infection Control)
           Neural Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Master of  Science Degree
           Nursing Master of  Science Degree
           Occupational Therapy Master of  Science Degree
           Of Science Degree in Sustainable Urban Development
           Optometry Master of  Science Degree
           People with Developmental Disabilities Rehabilitation Master of  Science Degree
           Phd in Engineering
           Professional Japanese Master of  Arts Degree
           Project Management Msc / Postgraduate Diploma
           Rehabilitation Sciences Master of  Science Degree
           Social Policy and Social Development of  A Master of  Arts Degree
           Social Work Master of  Arts Degree (Family Centered Practice and Family Therapy)
           Social Work Master of  Arts Degree (Mental Health)
           Technology Applied Mathematics Msc / Postgraduate Diploma (Actuarial and Investment in Science)
           Technology Master of  Science Degree in Applied Mathematics / Postgraduate Diploma (Decision Sciences)
           The Financial Master’s Degree (Investment Management)
           The Financial Master’s Degree (Investment Management)
           The Financial Master’s Degree (Wealth Management)
           The Multimedia Keyi Master of  Science Degree
           The Professional English Literature Master’s Degree




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