world of tanks economics website

world of tanks economics website

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Website Information title world of tanks economics description gold is a special in-game currency that allows you to research new vehicles quicker and easier. using gold, you can purchase premium vehicles, premium account, more powerful shells and consumables. in addition, gold allows you to convert combat experience earned in premium and elite vehicles into free experience, and use the latter to research any …
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Domain registration date: October 13, 2015, over 2 years ago.
Estimated Valuation
Advertising revenue per day: $ 3 per day
Advertising revenue per month: $ 97 per month
Advertising revenue per year: $ 1.16 Thousand per year
Estimated worth of this website: $ 5.82 Thousand
Traffic Report
Estimated visits per day: 1.89 Thousand visits / day
Estimated visits per month: 56.6 Thousand visits / month
Estimated visits per year: 679 Thousand visits / year
Estimated pageviews per day: 4.62 Thousand pageviews / day
Estimated pageviews per month: 139 Thousand pageviews / month
Estimated pageviews per year: 1.66 Million pageviews / year

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Country Percentage of visits to this site
Russian Federation 27.6%
Germany 9.2%
Ukraine 7.3%
Poland 7.0%
Czech Republic 5.3%



world of tanks economics

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