Experian Logo November 2013Analyzing search data for the four weeks leading up to November 9, Experian Marketing Services claims online product searches have been dominated by fitness gadgets, mobile devices and game consoles, giving evidence to a holiday season overrun with tech gifts.

Based on search and click trends for the weeks of October 12 through November 9, Experian identified the “hottest” products so far this holiday season, along with the “hottest” tech junkie products and electronic brands.

According to Experian, while Uggs led the list  for the most searched products overall, tech gadgets won seven of the top ten spots, including the PS4, Xbox One, Fitbit, iPhone 5s, iPad Air, Kindle Fire HD and iPhone 5c.

Experian Top 10 products Nov 2013

Apple was the big winner for the top ten most searched brands and products driving traffic to electronic retailer websites, with the iPad Air, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c taking the top three spots. The Xbox One ranked No. 4, following the top three Apple products. Sony’s PS4, Samsung Galaxy products, Microsoft’s Surface Pro and the Kindle Fire also made the list.

For the top ten “hottest” tech junkie products, a category based on consumer data from avid readers and visitors of technology review and content sites, tablets led the list of top ten electronic product searches, with iPad Air, iPad and Nexus 7 winning the top three spots.

The “Relative Difference” column in the “Hot Products: Tech Junkies” table shows the difference in percentage of “Tech Junkies” performing searches on the specific products compared to the general online population, illustrating tech junkies are 267 percent more likely to search for a Nexus 7 and 125 percent more likely to search for the Galaxy Note 3, but 42 percent less likely to search for the iPhone 5c.

Experian top 10 products tech junkies

Other search trends from Experian’s report included hottest toy product searches, with Skylanders Swap Force video game ranking No. 1, followed by rubber band bracelets and Razor’s Crazy Cart riding toy.

Experian Top 10 toy searches Nov 2013

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