WYSIWYG browser editor that generates *good* HTML?

questions :

I’m searching for a “suck less” WYSIWYG in-browser X?HTML editor that generates good HTML code.

(no <font>, <foo style="...">, <p></p><span></span><p><span>&nbsp;</span><span><span>blah</span></<span></p> and so on — <b> and <i> etc is ok).

Should be easy-to-use as it is going to be used by people that do not know what HTML is.

Any suggestions?

Extra points for Copy-and-Paste-from-Word-readiness! 🙂

(I found a lot of editors but they all create that <font> and nested <span> crap that breaks site design and bloats a site with one table up to 100kB.)



Answer :

Download the current version of CKEditor and look at the XHTML output sample. It shows how to use full WYSIWYG but it doesn’t generates font or styles. You just need to adjust the configuration to your needs.




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