What is Mercurial bisect good for?

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I’ve been reading about hg bisect and its interesting to be able to know which revision introduced a bug, but I’d like to know what people use this information for. The only thing I can think of is trying to narrow down which dates might need a data fix if it’s a bug that results in some form of invalid data.

I think I completely misunderstood the purpose before I posted this. I was thinking that I would do the debugging and find which line(s) introduced the bug and then use bisect. It seems bisect is a way for me to not have to spend time guessing where the bug might be and placing breakpoints or logging. Instead I should write a small test that fails now, passes in a past revision and have bisect tell me where the problem originates.



Answer :

To track down the changeset that introduced a bug. I think it’s obvious that this is very useful. If your software suddenly fails and you don’t know which change caused the bug bisect makes it easy to track down that change. I don’t get at all what you’re saying about dates.




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