jquery string to function convert



is this possible?

<div id="anything">I will change</div>
<div id="id" jq="$('#anything').css({background: 'red'})"></div>

var x = '$('#id').attr('jq')';

Basically i would like use an attribute jq on any tag to act like a onclick would on html that calls the javascript statements.

btw jQuery.call() is for demonstration purposes it doesn’t work…





You would use eval() but what you are doing seems like a really bad idea:

var x = $('#id').attr('jq');

The reason this is bad, is you are not separating function from structure. HTML is meant to describe structure, not interactivity and function.

JavaScript is meant to provide that interaction and enhancement, but not structure. Using the jQuery inline like that is a violation of that separation. Just food for thought…


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