How do I bind a DropDownList to a DataSource within an editor template using the scheduler?



I’m trying to customize my use of the Kendo UI kendoScheduler widget. I’m specifying a custom template for the editable window that pops up when you go to add/edit an appointment in the scheduler, like so:

editable: {
                template: $("#editor").html()

I’m defining the template like this:

<script id="editor" type="text/x-kendo-template">
<h3>Edit Appointment</h3>
       <label>Patient: <input name="title" /></label>
       <label>Start: <input data-role="datetimepicker" name="start" /></label>

So now I want to add a Kendo UI DropDownList and configure it to populate from a remote datasource. How do you configure such things within a template?

Sample code (does not work):

    <label>Type: </label><input id="appointmentTypeDropDownList" />
# var dataSource = new{ transport: { read: { url: "", dataType: "jsonp" } } });
# $("#appointmentTypeDropDownList").kendoDropDownList({ dataSource: dataSource, dataTextField: "ProductName", dataValueField: "ProductID" } ) ;

The error it gives with the above code is:
Uncaught Error: Invalid template:’

Probably this is just a script encoding issue; I’m more interested in the proper way to place a bound DropDownList inside of a template.

Update – The latest simplified version of what I’m trying to do is available at this jsfiddle URL. The goal is simply to bind the dropdown list in the most straightforward way possible. Thanks!





If you move your scheduler DataSource into your viewModel you can use the parenting functionality of a kendo Observable to have the DropDownList bind against the correct DataSource.

var viewModel = new kendo.observable({
    appointmentTypes : new{
        data: [{
            id: 1,
            text: "Wellness Exam"
        }, {
            id: 2,
            text: "Diagnostic Exam"
        }, {
            id: 3,
            text: "Nail Trim"
    schedulerData: [{
        id: 1,
        start: new Date("2014/1/27 08:00 AM"),
        end: new Date("2014/1/27 09:00 AM"),
        title: "Breakfast"

Now when you create the scheduler you just have it use the schedulerData property on the view model, as the DataSource for the scheduler.

    dataSource: viewModel.schedulerData,

The last piece is just changing your DropDownList declaration to use the appointmentTypes property on your view model.

<select id="appointmentTypeDropDownList" data-bind="source:appointmentTypes, value:id" data-text-field="text" data-value-field="id" data-role="dropdownlist" data-autobind="true" />

Since your template will be bound against the Observable objects in the schedulerData DataSource, Kendo will climb the parent tree of the object until it’s able to resolve the appointmentTypes property that’s on viewModel.


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