Execute javascript function in a another iframe when parent is from different domain – with jQuery?



Yes , It’s a similar question as in here , but mine is tagged with jquery.

in short : I have this scenario :

enter image description here

both documents (x.B.com and y.B.com) has document.domain="B.com";

But lets say Im in y.B.com and I want to execute work()

Running parent.frames['if1'].work(2);is working.

But I tried doing it with jQuery : (didn’t succeed)

  • $('#if1', parent.document).contents().work(2);

  • $('#if1', parent.document)[0].work(2);

How can I do it ?





If you can do it without jQuery, the amount of text you need to type is less without jQuery, and the code is easier to understanding without jQuery, then why use jQuery?

jQuery can’t traverse a document from a different domain.

this was failed :

$('#if1', parent.document)...

while this was OK



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