Perfect Presents for your Furry Friends

Perfect Presents for your Furry Friends

They already love you unconditionally. Why not show them some love this holiday season? Whether you’re shopping for mans’ best friend or a feisty feline, there are plenty of products available to make your pet purr. 


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There are only a few things that Southern Californians love more than Mexican food. The main one is their pets. Why not combine favorites? This Taco Cat Bed ($48) will get some purrs out of your cat and some growls from your stomach. Stop by your favorite taco shop and be as happy as your feline friend. Afterwards, you can both indulge in a “food coma” catnap!


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For more active cats, pick up a Feline’s Laser Chasing Scratch Post ($80). Your cat will be entertained for hours as lasers project around the scratching post for your cat to chase. With four different speed settings, cats of all ages can follow the light. The unpredictable light patterns will draw out your cats’ natural instincts to hunt and chase down the quick moving lights. Fun for them, entertainment for you!



Do you ever wonder what your dogs do when you aren’t home? With the iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher ($115), you’ll have a pretty good idea. iFetch will take your place while you’re away and launch tennis balls at varying distances for your pal to chase after. He’ll be entertained for hours and get his exercise in at the same time! Everyone loves getting the mail. Why should your pets be any different? Barkbox Subscription Boxes allow your pets to join in on the fun! Every month your pet will receive a package in the mail filled with varying treats and toys. 

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Innovative toys will have them wagging and have you laughing. Plush pretzels, taxis, and the statue of liberty are just a few of this month’s New York City theme. Subscribe to check out the other themes including Chewrassic Bark and Sniffin’ Safari.



These days, everyone is interested in technology. Kids, grandparents, and even your pets! Instead of trying to work around your cat as he sits on your keyboard, get him his own. This Laptop Cat Scratching Pad ($35) lets your curious cat “browse” the web with interchangeable desktop screens and a scratching pad keyboard. Now, you can both type away without interfering with each other’s work.


Don’t forget your feathered friends! Polly may not want crackers this year. Why not try some spray millet instead? Millet is a fan favorite among parakeets, finches, parrots, cockatiels, and other pet birds. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also nutritious!


Perfect Presents for your Furry Friends

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