Mezlan partners with The Tailory New York for new custom shoe collection

Sold Stateside since 1985, Spanish shoe brand Mezlan confirmed via Twitter that the luxury footwear company is partnering with bespoke suit company The Tailory New York for their new custom, made-to-measure shoe and boot collection under the name, Impronta.

Mezlan’s new collection is made-to-measure – Mezlan

The partnership takes place at Mezlan’s newest New York store on Madison Avenue that opened its doors just a few months ago. The idea behind the union is to pair bespoke suiting with custom footwear. The Tailory New York has been making custom tailored clothing (ranging from $150-$895) since 2015.
While many luxury and boutique retailers like New York & Company, Rebecca Minkoff and Sephora are incorporating interactive in-store technologies (think touch screens to enhance the shopping process), Mezlan and The Tailory New York are relying on old-fashioned one-on-one customer service and personalization. 

Mezlan continues to manufacture the majority of its shoes in Spain, but the brand is a part of California-based footwear retailer Pacific Shoe Corporation. In addition to the physical stores, Mezlan’s collections—outside of the custom Impronta line—are also available online and stocked at select retailers including Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. 

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