Luxury footwear brand Heirloom to launch first collection in July

Heirloom, a new men’s luxury footwear brand by Scott Burr, is set to launch on July 1, with a three-piece direct-to-consumer collection.

The Heirloom Tatanka Boot in tan

Creative Director Burr was inspired to launch his footwear label after a stint with Ralph Lauren and after learning about his family’s history. Having learned that his grandfather served in WWI and his genealogy can be traced back to the Choctaw Indian heritage, Burr created Heirloom to pay homage to the ancestral traditions of indigenous American tribes and innovate in the modern technological era.
The luxury footwear brand’s first collection is comprised of three styles, the Morrison jogger, Tomahawk moccasin and Tatanka boot that draw inspiration from Native American culture, the military and vintage Americana.
The Tatanka boot, which is available in tan and black, features fringe details on the heel and a button closure on the ankle, the Morrison jogger resembles the modern luxury trainer with a suede toe and ankle on a leather upper, and the Tomahawk moccasin features a braided and beaded ankle, as well as a reinforced suede toe and white laces.
Heirloom’s first collection will be found at in July.

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