Juicy Couture co-founders to feature in sitcom about their fashion empire

Juicy Couture became a coveted brand synonymous with 2000s celebrity life.  Founded in 1997, when friends Skaist-Levy and Nash-Taylor joined forces and created the iconic fitted velour tracksuits, they sold it to Fifth and Pacific Companies, Inc. (formerly known as Liz Claiborne Inc.) for $53.1 million in 2003. 

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Through licensing deals and strong marketing, sales peaked at over $530 million in 2009 before the founders departed from the company in 2010.
Juicy Couture is currently owned by Authentic Brands Group (ABG), a licensing company, that purchased the brand for $195 million. It is exclusively sold at Kohl’s, which is a vast difference in retail channels from the luxury department stores and boutiques it was formerly sold in, like Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s. 
The tv show promises to celebrate all things fun and whimsical about the brand and its founders. It will air on Freeform, which is the new iteration of the ABC Family channel, and is slated to be produced by a team of producers behind Gossip Girl and actress Mila Kunis’ production company. 
A date has not yet been set for the premiere but it is being described as what will be a comedy show. It will air weekly.

By Cassidy Mantor

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