Iris Apfel teams with Wisewear for fashion-forward smart bracelets

Fashion icon Iris Apfel has finally addressed a glaring gap between fashion and wearable technology by collaborating with Wisewear on its Socialite collection.

Iris Apfel in Wisewear smart bracelets – Wisewear

The collection offers 3 bracelet styles in silver or gold with discrete technology, including real time texts, emails, phone call notifications and reminders via a blue tooth connection with a mobile phone, as well as step count, distance travelled, calories burned, other biometric data and Life Alert.

While this is the first time Iris Apfel has dipped her toes in the wearable market, she does so with good cause. She aims to make Life Alert, an emergency service that sends a distress signal to contacts with a singe tap, more fashionable and more popular. At the start of the Socialite catalog, Iris Apfel shares her views on technology and fashion: “While technology is measured by the ability to invent something new, something novel, fashion is measured by the ability to introduce design that can remain forever classic.” Looks like she has mastered the merger of the two in this collection.
Wisewear was founded in 2013 by Dr. Gerald Wilmink. The New York City-based company brands itself as designing luxury wearables that bridge the current gulf between wearable technology and fashion. Their Socialite collection is available for pre-order on their website.

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