Installing a Wooden Floor On Your Garage

If you are looking to install a  wooden floor in your garage yourself then there are a few things to consider before you  get to work. It isn’t as simple as just grabbing some long pieces of wood and putting them down on top of the concrete or any other surface . You are going to need to strip everything away to the bare concrete to get a real flat and workable surface.


Start From The Bottom:

It is best to work straight off of the concrete, any other layers or lumps and bumps down there need to be completely removed. So make sure you pull these up and get rid of any layers of paint etc on top of the concrete.


Keeping Your Garage Insulated:

Whether you are looking to turn your garage into a living space, gym, recreation room or just cover up your concrete floor, then you need to ensure that when you put the wood flooring down it is insulated and protected from the cold and damp.  Garador have a pretty informative article on insulation for the garage if you want to make the best decisions.

You may not experience any dampness or moisture in your garage right now, but as soon as you turn it into a living space or put down wooden flooring then it will become less ventilated, better at keeping the warm in, but worse at dealing with the moisture. Any kind of flooring you put down needs to be insulated beneath. Use a membrane to block the moisture inside the concrete and in the lower parts of the wall if you can.

Choosing The Best Kind Of Wood:

If you are converting your garage into a living space then pressure treated plywood might be the best option, perfect for heavy furniture, boxes, storage and living. It can withstand all the needs of a living space.

If you are still looking to use it to store your car, chemicals and oils then you will need to get wood that is treated to repel these fluids. Normal wood will not withstand the wear and tear of your car and any oil and moisture it might leak.


Laying The Wood:

You will be best using an adhesive to secure the wood in place, spread it over a space of the floor the same size as the piece of wood you’re are about to place, make sure you don’t let any adhesive dry without the wood in place and use a hammer and a tapping block to fit the piece together as tightly as possible.


Using A Garage Door Deal:

Having a garage door seal is also important, if rain and moisture continues to get in from under your door then you will find the wood flooring and anything else you have moved into the garage will suffer from damp and rust. Also without one the garage is more exposed to the outside elements, becoming cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.


A garage door seal a long rubber seal that does along the garage floor where the door rests and helps form a barrier between to door and seal, blocking out outside elements. Make sure to measure the length you need and ensure that you get the right height for an effective seal.


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Installing a Wooden Floor On Your Garage

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