At SMX Advanced this morning, Google’s head of search ads Jerry Dischler gave us more insights to Google’s upcoming Buy Now button in search ads. The main reason Google is launching this “buy now” button is to help around mobile conversions and not to compete against retailers.

Jerry explained that Google has information about their searchers that can help speed up and improve the ability for mobile users to convert and place a transaction online. It is because of this that they are working on a buy now button, specifically around mobile search ads.

Jerry Dischler from Google said they reached out to some of their retailers and those retailers were interested in giving Google a try. Google would help the retailers convert better on mobile through this new buy button.

Google thinks it will be better for both the mobile user and their advertisers, so it will be a win-win according to Jerry.

Jerry said he believes this will only initially on Android devices but he isn’t close enough to the team to know if or when it will work across iOS devices.

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