Fascinating Facts You Never Knew about the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

15 Unknown Facts about the Famous Eiffel Tower


Eiffel-Tower-Paris-FranceThis iconic landmark of Paris is not only the most recognizable symbol of France, the Eiffel Tower is one of the most well-known monuments in the world. Each year over 7 million people share the unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience of visiting the tower and getting to the top to gaze through and enjoy the panorama of Paris from above. You will learn what the word “breathtaking” truly means, once you experience “La Tour Eiffel” view for the first time. Because of its charming beauty, Paris is one of those places you should visit in your lifetime (and tell your kids to do the same), but exploring the city will only be complete if visiting the Eiffel tower is on your list.

We have some interesting facts to share that will make you want to catch that Eiffel experience as soon as possible:

  • Eiffel-Tower-Paris-FranceThe first floor of the tower holds engraved names of all 72 scientists, engineers, and mathematicians who have contributed to the construction of the majestic tower. Originally, the names were painted in gold, then repainted in different colors throughout the years, and finally restored in 2011 to the original gold color. 

  • The Tower has 1710 steps, weighs over 10,000 tons, has over 18,000 pieces of wrought iron and 5 billion light bulbs

  • Eiffel Tower is open 365 days in a year, even on Christmas Day. The last elevator goes to the top at 11 p.m., and during the summer, midnight.

  • In 1983, Jacques Coutard and Joël Descuns  rode up and down the Tower on their motocross bikes

  • The first feature movie shot on the Eiffel Tower was René Clair’s silent movie “Paris qui dort” or “Slumbering Paris” in translation. The movie starts, ends, and has many scenes, on the tower.

  • Every seven years the entire tower is being repainted. It takes up to 18 months and approximately 25 painters to finish the job

  • Over 600 people are employed on Eiffel Tower from electricians, mechanics, plumbers, and painters to post office employees, sales staff, cooks and waiters in the restaurants, security staff etc.

  • Every day, on every hour, from sunset to 1 a.m. (or 2 a.m. in the summer), the Eiffel Tower puts on a five-minute light show for which illuminates 20,000 light bulbs.

  • C:UsersZrinkaDesktopGeorges Seurat Painting.jpgIn January, 1889, French painter Georges Seurat made the first painting of the Eiffel Tower, more than two months before the tower was completed on the last day of March 

  • In 1984, a British couple parachute-jumped from the summit of the tower without permission Five years later, tightrope walker, Philippe Petit, walked from the Eiffel Tower to the Trocadero

  • There are 120 antennas, and more than 30 radio and TV stations on the Eiffel Tower. First experiments in television broadcasting from the tower started in 1925 and regular broadcasts, ten years later.

  • La Tour Eiffel wasn’t loved by the people of Paris at first and many of them protested, calling the future “Iron Lady” of Paris ugly and useless.

  • Gustave Eiffel got his recognition way before pushing the project and building it in 2 years. He was involved in building viaducts and bridges in Portugal, Spain, Hungary, and building an internal structure of the Statue of Liberty, gift from France to New York.

  • From 1900 to 1914, the Eiffel Tower had a sundial cannon that was fired each day at noon. The tradition of marking the midday in that way is still held in cities across Europe.

  • Once built and presented as a part of Paris exhibition in 1889, the Eiffel Tower didn’t have a long future ahead as it was supposed to be removed after 20 years. After realizing that the tower had the capacity to be adorned by the world, the team of Eiffel’s designers decided to keep it there.


Fascinating Facts You Never Knew about the Eiffel Tower

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