Bring Your HDTV Outdoors

Make your backyard, barbecue or pool area even better this summer with a custom designed HDTV enclosure.

If you’re already the king of backyard barbecues and pool parties, here’s a simple way to impress your friends and bump your reputation up another notch: bring your HDTV outside. No need to worry about extreme weather, excessive heat or sun glare; there’s a new and improved way to protect your TV from the elements and deliver outstanding viewing capabilities at the same time—custom HDTV enclosures. And no one builds them better than San Diego’s own Outdoor HDTV Home.

Outdoor HDTV Home specializes in LCD products made for the outdoors. From TV’s and marquees to digital signs and menu boards, Outdoor HDTV Home designs and builds enclosures that can stand up to almost any kind of weather, and have virtually unlimited uses. Whether you need a nice display for your outdoor kiosk, or you want to watch your favorite movies from the comfort of your Jacuzzi, you’re sure to find an enclosure that will get the job done. No more heat problems, and no more glare.

All enclosures are made with anti-reflective glass that eliminates 99% of reflection through a specialized optical coating. At the same time, it provides excellent light transmission so you can see your display in full, brilliant color—even on the brightest of days. Some are even built with custom audio systems, so you can hear every line, every play and every announcement clearly over splashing swimmers and rowdy guests. And no need to worry about heat. Outdoor HDTV Home enclosures are sealed and temperature controlled so you can keep your device cool no matter what the outside temperature.Outdoor HDTV at Kiosk

Outdoor HDTV Home has a wide selection of HDTV enclosures that range in size and capability. They’re made from well-constructed, highly durable materials but are light enough to move, lift and relocate with ease. They come with high definition LCD displays with especially high NIT ratings for bright and clear outdoor viewing; and they come in all sizes—from 44 inches all the way up to a whopping 84 inches, for a top-notch visual experience.

So have one installed above your backyard bar to enjoy sporting events with your buddies. Or go with a standalone unit on a custom pedestal and place it next to the pool for the family. In fact, you can have a custom HDTV placed just about anywhere on your property and enjoy your favorite programing year-round, in any kind of weather. No matter how you go about it, a custom designed outdoor HDTV will make the perfect addition to your already-fabulous backyard, barbecue or pool area.

To find more about Outdoor HDTV Home and their innovative LCD enclosures, visit their website at or call them at 8-444-OHDTV (64389). You’re sure to find a package that works great for you and your needs, and brings years’ worth of enjoyment to your family and estate.

Bring Your HDTV Outdoors

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