Backyard Design Trends for San Diego Homes

Landscape Design Ideas for your backyard

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With its rolling hillsides and rocky coast, it’s no secret that San Diego is one of the most desirable vacation and residential destinations in the country. From the miles of ocean and bay shorelines to fertile valleys, mountains, canyons and deserts, San Diego is a challenging mixed terrain. Such natural grandeur provides unique challenges in architecture and design—and San Diegans spare no expense in creating exterior spaces that reflect the unique SoCal lifestyle.

These luxurious outdoor spaces are vertically limitless in San Diego, thanks to our temperate climate, but the diverse ecological mix can pose sustainability challenges for money-conscious and green consumers. Creating beautiful landscapes and outdoor playgrounds has become the final frontier for homeowners—a space to express personal style and luxury, to balance both function and the ecological harmony of the surrounding terrain.


That’s where Backyard Vacation comes in. An award-winning landscape and design company, Backyard Vacation knows how to outfit exterior space that fits in with its surroundings. For example, San Diego receives less than 12 inches of rain a year—a less-than-ideal situation for green, square-cut lawns.

“People are asking us to remove their grass lawns,” explained owner Justin Cummings, who said that home gardens, indigenous vegetation, grass removal and solar power were some of the most popular trends among his clients last year.


Since 2008, Backyard Vacation has worked on incredible transformations across the county, helping homeowners meet various terrain challenges and providing the foresight to solve sustainability problems before they occur. Aside from materializing his clients’ visions, Cummings highlights that synthesis among all design aspects—regardless of the size—is an integral part of truly sustainable architecture and beautiful landscapes year after year.

Utilizing new technologies in low-watering systems, a licensed pool contractor and years of experience in several architectural trades, Backyard Vacation specializes in uniting the best of all aspects of design and construction, growing relationships with clients that are fruitful to the creative process. Whatever the vision—from living fences and koi ponds to sand volleyball courts and outdoor kitchens—it can be built.


Last year, Backyard Vacation won several awards from the California Landscapers Contractors Association (CLCA), a non-profit organization of licensed landscape and landscape-related contractors. Of these awards, Cummings and his team won first place in design and build construction, landscape lighting, landscape renovation and residential construction.

Regardless of a project’s size, Backyard Vacation takes pride in its unique green thumb. It combines sustainability and functionality to build a truly magnificent vacation—right in your own backyard.   

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Backyard Design Trends for San Diego Homes

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